Bobby Lewis

As the Movement to Abolish ICE Gains Mainstream Support, Fox News Goes into Attack Mode

Fox News is scrambling in response to the grass-roots movement to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which has begun seeping into mainstream progressive and Democratic politics. On the evening of June 28, all three of the network’s prime-time shows aired segments attacking the Abolish ICE movement, as did Fox & Friends the next morning.

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Here Are 6 of the Most Absurd Excuses Right-Wing Media Used for Trump's Draconian Family Separation Policy

As President Donald Trump’s administration implemented a new “zero tolerance” prosecution policy at the border that led to unprecedented and systematic separation of immigrant families and locking kids in cages, right-wing media flailed around trying to blame the administration’s policy on anybody or anything except Trump.

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Trump's Tariffs Could Hurt Millions of Americans, But Media Focuses Instead on Presidential Drama

On May 31, CBS News reported on retaliatory tariffs from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, targeting numerous products including American steel and aluminum, playing cards, motorcycles, and tobacco. European Commission president Jean-Paul Juncker said that Trump’s move “leaves us with no choice but to proceed … with the imposition of additional duties on a number of imports from the U.S.”

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Right-Wing Media React After Israeli Soldiers Shoot Gazans: 'They Can All Burn In Hell'

On May 14, the Israeli military shot hundreds of Palestinian protesters along the boundary line between Israel and the Gaza strip, killing “at least 55” Palestinians, according to The Guardian. Right-wing media have defended the Israeli military’s actions by blaming Palestinians for their own deaths. 

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19 Champions of the Iraq War the Mainstream Media Refuses to Disown

March 20, 2018, marks the 15th anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq. While the American footprint in Iraq has drastically changed over 15 years, a significant number of the original cheerleaders for the invasion still hold prominent roles in the media today:

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