The Narcissists Are Running Amok: Many Politicians Are Narcissists -- And Many of Their Followers Are, Too

Sunday Daily Kos readers were treated to an epic troll diary this morning (I will not link to it) by someone who was offended by a post our own ursulafaw wrote about Green Party candidate, Angela Green, dropping out of the Arizona senate race and endorsing the Democratic candidate, Kyrsten Sinema.  The diarist was promptly flagged and boJo’d.  If you have been around DKos for more than one election cycle, you are well aware that trolls promoting third party candidates or not voting come out of the cellar the weekend before Election Day.  What I noticed about this troll in particular, was that he turned the whole diary into a me, me, me, I want my way diatribe.  He’s been slighted, offended, and his supreme intelligence insulted!  Gee, doesn’t this remind you of our comb-overed, orange hued Narcissist In Chief?

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