Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D.

How Diet Soda Builds Desire and Decreases Satisfaction

Sweetness without calories sounded like the ultimate free lunch, and when sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose were introduced they were thought to be the answer to both our sugar cravings and to our desire to be slim.  

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The Warped Weight-Loss Logic of Coca Cola's Advertising

Coke has a new online ad, beautiful, happy, clever, and logically twisted.

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Are Diet Pills an Aggressively Marketed Scam?

In his latest op-ed in the New York Times, Frank Bruni admits that he, too, is occasionally lured by the promises of effortless slimming, and that Dr.-Oz-endorsed Garcinia Cambogia pills are languishing in his kitchen cupboard - because they don't seem to work. Bruni applauds the recent interest in fighting aggressively marketed junk-that-makes-us-fat, and wants to remind us that we should also pay attention to aggressively marketed pills, because "Rapid Belly Melts" and "Mega Metabolism Boosters" are getting a free pass.

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