Arwa Mahdawi

America's Lucrative New Weed Industry Should Compensate the Black Victims of the County's War on Drugs

America has long been high on its own endless supply of hypocrisy. The “land of the free” has the largest prison population in the world; the “home of the brave” has elected a coward to the White House. The United States, it has become clear, is still a divided country with different rules for its different coloured citizens. And, arguably, nowhere are those double standards more bluntly black and white than when it comes to the corporatisation of cannabis.

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Who Is Ivanka Trump Kidding with This Shameless Publicity Blitz?

I hope you have taken some time this week to quietly thank Ivanka Trump for her tireless service and reflect on how just how much the mom, daughter, wife, entrepreneur, and White House employee is sacrificing for the good of America.

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Many of the Self-Styled 'Feminist' Corporate CEOs Aren't as Empowering as They Think They Are

Is there anything the internet enjoys more than the story of an uppity woman getting her comeuppance? You’d think not, judging by the schadenfreude that seems to have surrounded the fall from feminist grace of Miki Agrawal, the founder of period-underwear company Thinx.

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Heaven Has 'Extreme Vetting'? When Republicans Legislate From the Bible

Word has it that heaven is a pretty nice place. Indeed, it’s on many people’s bucket lists. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly why heaven is so wonderful? Well, it’s the strict approach to immigration, obviously! The border agents at the pearly gates have rigorous entry criteria and don’t just let just any riff-raff sneak in.

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The Truth About Advertising: Selling the White Woman™

Hank Willis Thomas’s work examines the ways in which advertising has fabricated notions of gender and race, and then convinced us all to buy into them. “I always talk about racism as the most successful advertising campaign of all time,” Thomas says. His work serves as a sort of counter-campaign; one that aims to muddy the myths we’ve been marketed. “I want to complicate the way that I’m seen and the way that I look at other people.”

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Startup Bros Trying to Bio-hack Vaginas Is the Problem with Silicon Valley

Don’t look now, ladies, but your vagina is getting disrupted. As if this week didn’t have enough Uber-style Silicon Valley dirtbags for you (every week has one too many), a couple of startup bros went and outlined their visionfor Sweet Peach, a probiotic supplement that lets women “bio-hack” their vaginas and supposedly make them smell like ripe peaches.

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