Annie-Rose Strasser

Why You Should Care that CVS Will Stop Selling Cigarettes - Even If You Don't Smoke

CVS/Pharmacy announced on Wednesday that its stores will discontinue cigarette sales by October 1 of this year. CVS Caremark, the parent company of the pharmacy chain, predicts that the move could lose the company $2 billion in revenue for 2014, but won’t affect its earnings forecast.

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Obama Calls Out Fox News: ‘You and Your TV Station’ Keep Scandals Alive

Before kickoff of NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, President Obama sat down with Bill O’Reilly. The longtime Fox News host and conservative firebrand focused on his network’s favorite anti-Obama topics, including the botched roll-out of Obamacare’s website, the attack at the consulate in Benghazi, and the questionable IRS investigation of some Republican-leaning organizations. And while Obama was for the most part cordial in the charged but measured interview, he pushed back for one moment against O’Reilly when asked about the Cincinatti IRS’s improper investigation of some conservative groups:

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Utah School Threw Out Students’ Lunches Because They Were In Debt

A Utah school’s child nutrition manager threw out the lunches of about 40 elementary school students this week after the kids’ parents fell behind on payment.

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Three Children Killed During Polar Vortex After Their Heat Was Cut Off

Like the rest of the midwest, the town of Hammond, Indiana, spent the first part of last week plunged below zero degrees. But while some families tried to shut out the cold by turning up their heat and staying under blankets, the bitter temperatures turned deadly for the family of a man named Andre Young.

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99 Percent Of Police Brutality Reports In Central New Jersey Never See The Light Of Day

Just one percent of complaints about excessive use of force by police are actually acted upon in central New Jersey, according to an investigation by Courier News and the Home News Tribune.

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The Scariest Real Estate Advertisement On Craigslist

An unusual real estate advertisement appeared on Craigslist Tuesday.

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Lululemon Owner Says Women’s Big Thighs Are To Blame For His Company’s Faulty Pants

If you are one of the women who spent $98 on a pair of Lululemon pants and found them to be faulty, the company’s founder would like you to know: It’s not the pants’ fault. It’s your thighs.

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Florida High School Named After KKK Founder -- in 2013

Nathan B. Forrest High School in Jacksonville, Florida, home to the fighting Confederate Rebels, is named after a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and confederate general. It has been since 1959, when administrators changed the name to show their defiance to school integration laws enforced by Brown v Board of Education. But town residents, fed up with kowtowing to racial extremists, are looking to change that.

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Sixth Grader’s Father Says She Wouldn’t Have Died If A School Nurse Had Been On Duty

Laporshia Massey, a 12-year-old girl from Philadelphia, died on September 25 after an asthma attack went untreated at her school. Her father says that she would have lived had there been a school nurse there to treat her — but there wasn’t one, thanks to budget cuts in the Philadelphia school system.

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