Anna Lekas Miller

Victory! Oakland Activists Kick Police Militarization Event Out of City

On Friday, around 300 protesters blocked Broadway between 9th and 11th streets in downtown Oakland, protesting the second day of the eighth annual Urban Shield convention.

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Detroit Activists Herald Partial Victory as City Regains Control of the Water

On July 28, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, who has operated the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, or DWSD, and been responsible for turning off water for more than 15,000 Detroit residents, issued an order transferring control of the department back to the city of Detroit and recently elected Mayor Mike Duggan. Many attribute the change to the hard work of Detroit-based community activists protesting, marching and advocating on behalf of Detroit residents.

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It's Time to Change Who Is in the Room When Decisions Are Made About the Economy

"What does inequality look like where you're from?"

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America Has a Long Way to Go Before It's Fully 'Clitorate'

Did you know that the female spotted hyena has the largest clitoris among mammals, extending as much as seven inches outside of her body?

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Palestinians Face Food and Water Crisis in the West Bank Spurred by Israeli Control of Resources

Beit Ummar used to be known as the fruit basket of Palestine.

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Occupy Wall Street Fights for Diversity

Occupy Wall Street is beginning to look more like New York City.

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How Unpaid Internships Perpetuate Rampant Inequality in the US

There is a job opening! It seems perfect—full time, in the non-profit sector, based in New York City. It's obviously a prestigious position—they're looking to hire someone with at least a masters’ degree, though in certain cases this can be interchangeable with five years of related work experience. There's only one small problem: it's unpaid.

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