Amy McDermott

How Science-Based Policy and International Cooperation Can Protect Marine Ecosystems - and the Human Food Supply

Jack mackerel were in deep trouble 20 years ago. Off the coast of Chile, where the mackerel congregate in one of two Southeast Pacific populations, fishermen caught millions of tons throughout the 1990s, peaking near 5 million tons in 1995.

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Mackerel or Mussels? How Seafood Eaters Can Make the Most Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Choices

Food is expensive; not just for pocketbooks, but for the planet. Worldwide, more than 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. That’s methane belched from cows and nitrous oxide escaping from soils, as well as fossil fuels burned by tractors, fishing boats and rumbling transport vehicles. Some foods cost more than others.

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