Amanda Holpuch

Drug War Civil Disobedience: In One City, an Unsanctioned Safe Injection Site Has Been Operating for Three Years

For nearly three years, in an undisclosed US city, a social service agency has quietly been inviting people to inject illegal drugs at a clandestine site, without the government’s approval.

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Is Trump Finally About to Act on the Opioid Crisis?

If Donald Trump declares America’s opioid addiction crisis a national emergency, as a White House commission urged him to do earlier this week, it could mark a dramatic escalation in the administration’s response.

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Trump Misses the Mark With Opioid Crisis Plan, Health Advocates Say

The White House plan to address the opioid crisis runs counter to the Trump administration’s health and justice policies, said politicians and advocates.

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Elizabeth Warren Asks CDC to Consider Legal Marijuana as Alternative Painkiller

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to consider the role legal marijuana could play in the prescription opioid epidemic.

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Bernie Sanders' Ambitious Plan to Win the Backing of Donald Trump Supporters

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Sunday that he believes he can boost his own standing in the race by swaying supporters of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to back his campaign.

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Chicago Police Shoot and Kill Mother of Five

Chicago police accidentally killed a 55-year-old mother of five early Saturday when responding to a domestic disturbance, according to a police statement late Saturday.

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Details Emerge About Planned Parenthood Shooter: Reclusive and Deranged

The man suspected of killing three people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was a reclusive figure who was living in a remote trailer 60 miles from the city and “wouldn’t speak unless spoken to”.

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Koch Brothers Say They Are 'Largely Failures' at Influencing U.S. Politics

Billionaire megadonor Charles Koch said that he and his brother are “largely failures” at influencing US political rhetoric – at least in the way they had hoped.

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Cecil the Lion’s 'Brother' Jericho Alive And Well Despite Rumors, Says Researcher

Despite reports that Cecil the lion’s “brother” Jericho had been shot dead by a poacher, a field researcher at Hwange Lion Research said on Saturday: “He looks alive and well.” Another conservation worker said the lion had been seen with a female earlier in the day, “probably mating”. 

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Louisiana Shooting: John Houser Named by Police as Movie Theater Gunman

Lafayette police on Friday identified the gunman in the Louisiana movie theater shooting as John Russel Houser.

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