Alison Cassady

7 Ways the Trump Administration Is Attacking Science at the EPA

The core mission of the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, "is to protect human health and the environment." As part of that mission, the agency works to ensure that "national efforts to reduce environmental risk are based on the best available scientific information."

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Here Are the Oil and Gas Companies Responsible for the Most Methane Emissions in the U.S.

Methane is a supercharged global warming pollutant that is 87 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time scale. In the United States, the oil and gas industry is the largest industrial source of methane pollution—releasing 33 percent of all methane emissions in 2014.

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Carbon Pollution Has Fallen Since 2005, But Don't Pop the Champagne Just Yet

The U.S. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, recently released its Annual Energy Outlook 2015, which examines energy-market trends and makes forecasts up to 2040. Adam Sieminski, the EIA administrator, stated that “advanced technologies are reshaping the U.S. energy economy” and creating the potential for the United States to eliminate net energy imports by 2030.

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