Alex Halperin

It Really Does Take a Village: How Memphis is Fixing Healthcare

“First and foremost, I give honor to God.”

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8 Juicy Allegations From the New Bachmann “Tell-All” Book

A new book co-written by a former senior staffer on Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign alleges that the conservative congresswoman is a fake Christian diva who fires pregnant staffers on Christmas Eve and takes advantage of her devoted supporters, when not being taken advantage of by the political consultants she hired.

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Want a Long Life? Leave Mississippi

This map shows how long state residents can expect to be healthy after age 65 (Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

With lifespans lengthening, researchers found that where Americans live says a lot about how healthy they will be in later years.

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Airplane Crashes at San Francisco Airport While Trying to Land: 2 Dead and 10 Critically Injured (VIDEO)

A Boeing 777 operated by the Korean airline Asiana crashed at San Francisco airport while trying to land today.

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McDonald’s Worker Makes $8.25 an Hour, McDonald’s CEO Made $8.75 Million Last Year

Bloomberg has an article today highlighting the pay gap at McDonald’s. The whole piece is worth a read but the beginning is particularly striking. It highlights Chicago man Tyree Johnson, who holds positions at two different McDonald’s. Between shifts he has to give himself a quick scrubbing in one of the restaurant’s bathrooms because he can’t even show up for work at a McDonald’s smelling like a McDonald’s.

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