Alex Doukas

How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster

Climate change is said to be high on the agenda as the leaders of the G20, the nations with the worlds biggest economies, gather in Hamburg, Germany on July 7th and 8th. Leading up to the G20 Summit, German leader Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have not been shy about criticizing President Donald Trump's stance on climate change. President Trump has alarmed many by withdrawing the United States government from the Paris Climate Accord to limit the global temperature increase to well below two degrees Celsius. But a new report called, "Talk is Cheap: How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster" shows that despite the lip service on fighting climate change, G20 governments are providing nearly four times more public finance to fossil fuels than to clean energy. Joining us from Washington, D.C. is the author of the report, Alex Doukas. Alex is a senior campaigner at Oil Change International. His work focuses on ending international subsidies and public finance for fossil fuels, and shifting public resources toward building a clean energy future. Previously, Alex worked with the World Resources Institute where he focused on making international climate finance more effective.

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