Adam Eichen

Republicans have rigged the maps and manipulated elections — why won't Democrats talk about it?

As Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and the other leading Democratic presidential contenders prepared to debate in Houston last week, Crystal Mason readied for an important hearing of her own less than 200 miles away.

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It’s time to talk about our broken democracy

Amanda Litman of Run for Something wants to know if the presidential candidates will support introducing ranked choice voting in federal elections, and also if they will commit to pursuing full congressional representation for the 4 million Americans — a total almost equal to our six smallest states — who live in territories without a voting member of Congress.

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How We're Fighting to Save Democracy From Bribery and Gerrymandering, One State at a Time

Political alienation plagues our nation, and most of us are correct in feeling that we have little to no impact on the decisions that govern our lives. Research shows that the average American has “near-zero” influence on public policy, while those with wealth have “significant influence.” Unfortunately, this conclusion is based on data from the 1980s and 1990s, and things have only gotten worse since then.

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Unprecedented Democracy Summit Sparks New Hope

The greatest joy of working on a growing movement to fix our dysfunctional democracy—the Democracy Movement—is being able to witness those indelible moments when the movement reaches a new chapter, when it takes a quantum leap forward, profoundly expanding the scope of what is possible. This past weekend was one of those moments.

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A Powerful Economic Justice Movement Is Brewing, Even in This Dark Time

In this tumultuous world, one thing seems certain: today’s dire threats to our democracy did not arise out of nowhere. Every culture thrives, or not, on whether its core narrative—the causation story we tell ourselves—enhances mutual gain or spurs division. And, the narrative driving today’s unfolding catastrophe feeds the latter.

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The Fight to Protect Voting Rights Is Just Beginning

Champions of democracy scored a major victory on Jan. 3 when President Trump disbanded his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Voting rights advocates had brought numerous legal challenges against the highly controversial commission, and the press release announcing the commission’s dissolution cited the deluge of litigation as a reason for the president’s decision.

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We Saved Net Neutrality Once - We Can Do It Again

Democracy lives or dies on the quality of public conversation. “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government,” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

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Democracy Is Not a Choice

As we enter 2018, one thing is clear: just as we need it most, Americans’ commitment to democracy seems to be fading. Frightened by President Trump’s lies about the prevalence of voter fraud, a majority of Republicans say they’re open to the idea of postponing the 2020 election. Even more disturbing, one in six of us now say we’d settle for military rule.

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The Power of Words and the War on Democracy

Even single words have enormous power to shape our world. With our democracy in crisis, it’s critical to rethink terms undermining democracy and to take care in choosing words that further the values and interests of most Americans.

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