Abdi Ismail Samatar

Blowback in Kenya: Occupiers in Somalia Sowed the Seeds of the Nairobi Mall Massacre

All people of goodwill and of all faiths must condemn al-Shabab for its gruesome deed at Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. No one serious enough about their creator can butcher innocent people as was done in Westgate earlier this week. These culprits are indeed faithless and must be brought to justice.

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Beyond Obama's Africa Trip: How Oil and the War on Terror Still Drive U.S. Policy

Five years ago, Africans were thrilled about Obama's election to the American presidency. The premise of the jubilation was the reasonable expectation that the new administration might pursue an Africa-friendly policy, a depature from previous regimes. On the eve of his visit to three African countries, African optimists and the President's supporters in America argue that things will be different during the second term. 

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