AlterNet considers submissions from writers and journalists. Due to the large volume of submissions we receive we are able to respond to only those that interest us. We do not publish poetry or fiction. Before sending your article, please familiarize yourself with the type of stories AlterNet publishes. If you feel your submission would suit our editorial interests, please consider the following:

  • We like new ideas and investigations. Tell us a story we haven't heard from the mainstream press.
  • Since we are a national online magazine, we publish articles that appeal to readers from Seattle to Miami and anywhere in between.
  • We have a small editorial staff, so we cannot spend an enormous amount of time editing submissions. Please send us final drafts of your work.
  • We will publish stories that have appeared in other publications with their permission or if the author currently holds the rights to the story.

Please send all stories as plain text in the body of an email — no attachments, please — to articlesubmissions@alternet.org with the word "submission" in the subject line. Include your name, contact information and a brief bio. We read all submissions and will contact you within five business days if we are going to publish your article.

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