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Evangelicals revolt against Trump as his rallies increasingly spiral into profane rants: ‘I might just stay home this time’

According to a report in Politico, evangelical Christians who turned out in force for Donald Trump in 2016 are growing increasingly dismayed by his language during his raucous rallies and may turn away from him when the 2020 election rolls around.

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The #MoscowMitch moniker is working: McConnell is finally running scared

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t like it when you call him #MoscowMitch. He hates it so much that he’ll accuse you of being a McCarthyist for doing so. If the accusation was untrue — that is, if McConnell, President Donald Trump and other Republicans weren’t empowering Russia at the expense of America for their personal benefit — then #MoscowMitch and talk of collusion in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign would be unfair, even unjust. As the facts currently stand, however, it is a perfectly fair label.

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Trump's 'no collusion' lie is finally falling apart. Will anyone notice?

lthough the Mueller Report. has been in the public domain for nearly two months, there’s still a ton of confusion and disinformation around it. The confusion is specifically due to two things: Very few voters have actually read it, and Donald Trump is delighted to exploit that fact. It doesn’t help that Robert Mueller has been more than a little cryptic about his findings — refusing to answer questions or to appear for congressional testimony to clear the air.

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Six takeaways from Joe Biden's Iowa speech eviscerating Donald Trump

Joe Biden and Donald Trump traded barbs in dueling speeches in Iowa on Tuesday. Trump called Biden a "dummy," and repeatedly referred to him as "sleepy Joe." Biden, who has been known to ramble, gave a lengthy, focused speech methodically making the case that Trump is unfit to be president, much less be given a second term.

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Former federal prosecutor: Here's the giant hole in the Mueller report — and why it means the special counsel must testify

In his May 29 televised statement, special counsel Robert Mueller told us that everything he had to say was contained in his written report, and that it contained everything that Congress and the public needed to know about his investigation. This, however, is incorrect in several material respects, and the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees should insist that he appear before them to answer extremely urgent questions.

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Former director of national intelligence makes it clear that Trump would not have won without Russia's help

When Donald Trump produced the first list of names for his death list this week, he didn’t include that of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Clapper appears to be out to remedy this oversight by pointing out the fact that the Trump campaign didn’t just cooperate with Russia—it’s extremely unlikely Trump would have been elected without Russian support.

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Democrats ridicule Trump's absurd claim he's 'the most transparent president in the history of this country' with a in series of snarky letters

The other day Donald Trump risibly claimed that he doesn't do coverups and is, in fact, the most transparent president, like, ever.

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Trump is a lifelong practitioner of twisting rules to his advantage — and 2 political scientists explain how to level the playing field

Donald Trump has been flooding the zone with false claims of “No Collusion” and “Total Exoneration” ever since the Mueller report’s conclusion was announced — and completely misrepresented by Trump's “Coverup General” William Barr, to borrow the label William Safire affixed to him in 1992. Democrats, typically, have been dithering ever since, trying to be reasonable, and thus falling into a bottomless pit of endless delay — delay, that for 40 years now, has always been Donald Trump’s best friend.

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Carl Bernstein explains how Bill Barr abandoned his role as AG to serve the president: 'Trump said he wanted his Roy Cohn — he’s got him now'

Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein on Sunday compared Attorney General William Barr with Roy Cohn, chief counsel to the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who President Donald Trump reportedly invoked after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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Leading anti-racism activist explains how Trump's 'casual racism' fuels far-right terrorism

On the most basic level white privilege consists of the unearned advantages that those individuals who are defined as "white" in America and other societies enjoy, measured relative to and against other people.White privilege manifests itself in many ways. Sometimes this is obvious: institutional discrimination in housing, hiring and employment, as well as divergent levels of political power. Sometimes this is subtle: subconscious and implicit bias; "microaggressions"; cultural norms and double standards which are unfair to those people not considered white.Ultimately, the age of Donald Trump has been a triumph for white privilege in its many forms.

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This was Robert Mueller's most egregious error

Here’s something I’ve noticed in my 30 years covering presidential politics. Whenever a major event occurs after a lengthy and speculative wind-up, the outcome almost never lives up to expectations. There are, of course, a few exceptions. The results of the 2008 election, with Barack Obama winning long-held red states like Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina, was quite a surprise. Likewise, many of us thought for sure the Republicans would easily kill the Affordable Care Act, only to be surprisingly thwarted by three Republican outliers, including John McCain of all people.

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