On Your Period? Guys Called 'Blood Hounds' Are Really Into That

Period sex is nothing new, though it's not a topic we commonly talk about.

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We’ve come a long way in our discussions of sex since earlier years. And we deserve a pat on the back for it. Now there’s a public space to talk about sex stories, mishaps, messes and everything else that falls under that sprawling umbrella. But there’s one area that remains taboo: period sex.

I get it. Periods are messy, gooey, smelly terrain. A lot of women feel uncomfortable telling their partners they’re menstruating. They cover up. They avoid sex. They put themselves out of commission for one week a month. That's understandable, given that when it comes to periods, many women have come to expect a bad reaction from their partners. And there’s nothing more humiliating than being the source of someone else’s disgust.

One guy even told me that having sex on my period causes cancer. I told him he was an idiot. But still, the conviction with which he delivered the information impressed me. The fact of the matter is stigmas surrounding menstruation run deep, and misinformation is everywhere.

But before guys marry the idea that women are weaker, bitchier and whinier on their periods, another idea should be introduced: they can also be hornier. Hormones are raging and the possibility of pregnancy is reduced during this time; menstruation provides additional lubrication, making penetration more comfortable. Then there’s the fact that having an orgasm is an incredibly effective – and fun – way to relieve cramps. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure, says, “For some women, the thrill of doing something forbidden or unconventional might make them more aroused during their period.”

So, yes. Women are having sex on their periods. As one of my friends told me, her boyfriend has no problem “ripping the tampon right out” when he’s in the mood. But the rhetoric remains the same. Having sex with women on their periods is tolerable, not preferable. Maybe that’s why it took another friend over a year before she felt comfortable having sex with her boyfriend while menstruating, or why so many how to articles exist on the subject. But let it be known: period sex isn’t just something guys put up with. As it turns out, a lot of them enjoy it.

A friend's boyfriend loved having sex while his girlfriend was on her period because it turned him on to see his member covered in blood every time he pulled out. Another friend said her boyfriend looked forward to sex when she was menstruating because he could come inside her of (he mistakenly believed women were incapable of getting pregnant while on their period). One friend even knew a guy who liked to draw on her stomach with a finger-full of menstrual blood.

The topic has been getting a lot of attention lately. The term “bloodhounds” has even been assigned to men who are into period sex, and has been covered by publications like New York Magazine, and The Telegraph. But do these guys deserve their own title? Are they actually exploring new ground? Before we decide, a bit of history should be explored.

Hunter S. Thompson’s 1966 book Hells Angels, A Strange and Terrible Saga described how new members of the organization had to go through a final initiation referred to as “getting your red wings,” which was a dressed-up way of saying “go down on a menstruating woman.” The idea was, only someone as tough and depraved as a member of the Hells Angels could handle it. 

In Karezza, a westernized form of Tantra, the practice is viewed as an opportunity for increased intimacy between partners. In voodoo folklore, it’s thought that having oral sex with a woman during her period ties the man to her for life. And before the bloodhounds there were the “menophiles,” or men who have a fetish for period sex. 

So before we go throwing any new terminology around, we have to remember, the vocabulary for this kind of affinity already exists. It’s just not as catchy.

That said, many people simply aren’t into period sex. Alix Fox, a fetish expert and sex writer, told the Telegraph, "For a proportion of women, having a guy go down on them while they’re feeling crampy and grotty is not fun. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re repressed or afraid of their own womanhood—they’re just not into it."

And then there’s the male perspective. Some men who say they’re open to the act aren’t actually ready to embrace it. Take the article “Have Great Sex While She’s Menstruating,” which appeared on AskMen.com. The author writes, “Put it this way; some guys are absolutely disgusted at the mere thought of going anywhere near her vagina when it should be 'closed for maintenance,' but you find her so incredibly sexy that it really doesn't matter. You're not repulsed, in fact, you'd even be willing to go down...okay, I’m kidding, take it easy.”

See what I mean?

In any case, sexual trends are evolving. And while they aren’t exactly new, the fact that people are no longer embarrassed to talk about them is. Maybe one day, that feeling of “Ugh! I can’t have sex—I’m on my period,” will start to evaporate. For now, let’s take it one cycle at a time.

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Carrie Weisman is a writer focusing on sex, relationships and culture.