You Won't Believe How Stupid the Right-Wing's Latest World-Domination Scheme Is

The Blaze claims that the right wing has created "UNPRECEDENTED, POWERFUL COALITION.... LIKELY HAS THE ESTABLISHMENT TERRIFIED." Yeah, right.

Sometimes the right-wing says something so far outside the realm of reality that you can't help but feel sorry for them.

One would be hard-pressed to find anyone who follows the careers of conservative commentators outside their dedicated fan base. If the average media consumer had to guess, they'd probably peg Glenn Beck as the frothing spouter of specious right wing theory, while Sean Hannity would be remembered more simply as "that asshole with a TV show." Very, very few people would likely know who Mark Levin is. 

Yet for right-wing website The Blaze, news of a tryst between the three rich, aging white men is a cosmic revelation seemingly heralded by Providence, and the website gushes that the "UNPRECEDENTED, POWERFUL COALITION. . .LIKELY HAS THE ESTABLISHMENT TERRIFIED." 

The story is that the three megalomaniacs had been fighting over what megalomaniacs generally fight each other for: power and influence. After months of potshots and aggressive snark, Beck announced they would be coming together to "join forces," as The Blaze writes.

The "alliance" will probably be a financial boon for the three personalities, as they leverage propaganda outlets like The Blaze to help them sell books and tickets for what will likely materialize into yet another cross country bonanza of speaking engagements and book-signings.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans continue to consider the far-right media spectacle entirely divorced from reality.

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