VIDEO: Hundreds Killed in Poisonous Gas Attack in Syria

Opposition groups accuse government of chemical attack against civilians.

Syrian activists say President Bashar al-Assad’s forces fired rockets with poisonous gas in an attack in Damascus on Wednesday, which has killed and injured hundreds of people.

The incident comes only three days after UN weapon inspectors arrived in the country to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict which is one of the main disputes in international diplomacy over Syria. 

Videos have surfaced online showing victims experiencing physical symptoms in local hospitals.  While the footage has not been verified, experts say it is consistent with chemical weapon use, BBC reported.

The government has denied such claims arguing that it's part of the ‘media war’ designed to prevent Syria from fighting terrorists:

"Allegations of the use of chemical arms by the Syrian Arab Army today in areas of Damascus province... are null, void and totally unfounded," the military said in a statement read by an officer as reported by SkyNews.

Activist Mohammed Saeed said via skype that hundreds of dead and injured had been taken to hospitals in the eastern suburb of Damascus:

"This is a massacre by chemical weapons...The visit by the UN team is a joke...Bashar is using the weapons and telling the world that he does not care," he said. 

Civil war began in the country in 2011 and has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people.

Watch this disturbing video from Truthloader, a daily YouTube show bringing citizen journalism and investigative jourmalism together:


Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.


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