Mom Pulled Over for Breastfeeding on a Moped

Witnesses call police after woman seen weaving in and out of traffic with child in lap.

A woman in Yuzhou, China, took multi-tasking to a whole new level when she began breast-feeding her crying child while driving a moped,Huffington Post reported.

Witnesses said the woman was weaving in and out of traffic when her 18-month-old began crying.  Keeping one hand on the handlebars she began breastfeeding the child, before being stopped by police.

Officers said the woman was pulled over to prevent her from causing an accident. The officers threatened to confiscate the woman’s moped if she continued to engage in breast-feeding while driving:


"She was risking her life, her son's life and the lives of all the other road users," a police spokesman told Orange News.

Such an incident is not confined only to offshore.  Here, on U.S. soil, there has also been a number of reported cases where woman have been accused of breast-feeding while driving.

In 2003, a Pittsburgh woman was charged with child endangerment for breast-feeding her baby while driving without a license on the Ohio Turnpike.  Similarly, in Kettering, Ohio in 2009, a mom faced charges for breast-feeding her daughter as she rested the girl's head on the steering wheel, while simultaneously talking on her cell phone. Her defense? “If my child's hungry, I'm going to feed it."

In all incidents it seems the rationale is the same: hungry babies cannot be left hungry.  Perhaps, ‘safety comes first’ is a better motto to subscribe to when it comes to our children's wellbeing.




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Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.