'Who Wants 'Ludes?': Stephen Colbert Perfectly Explains Why Trump Still Supports Embattled White House Doctor Ronny Jackson

'Say what you will about Dr. Ronny Jackson, but he sure knows how to keep people in the White House happy.'

Photo Credit: The Late Show / YouTube

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert on Wednesday highlighted the real reason President Donald Trump insists on backing his Veterans Affairs nominee and personal physician Ronny Jackson — and it has everything to do with vanity.

As the host noted, accusations against "Drug Kingpin" Jackson include that he was "toxic," "abusive," "volatile," "prone to screaming tantrums" and "unethical" — to which the president said, "he reminds me of a young me."

"I like this guy," Colbert said in his best Trump impression. "Something about the cut of his jib."

When it comes to allegations that Jackson was so prone to over-prescribing narcotics that people in the White House called him "the candy man," the host demurred that the president's personal physician "was just following the Hippocratic oath."

"First, do no harm," Colbert said. "Second, who wants 'ludes?"

Watch below:

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Noor Al-Sibai is a news writer at Raw Story.