What the Hell Happened to 'The Daily Show'?

Trevor Noah on Apple vs FBI last night crystallizes every dumb, unfunny impulse of the show's new era.

Trevor Noah
Photo Credit: screen capture

Trevor Noah tackled the biggest tech issue on last night’s “Daily Show”: Facebook’s new emojis. Then, he tackled the second-biggest: Apple vs. the FBI.

“What’s funny to me here,” Noah said, “is how powerful Apple is … that they treat the FBI just like any other customer.”

Noah noted the antiquity of the All Writs Act, a 1789 law which, the FBI argues, is precedent for Apple’s cooperation.

“[The law] was actually signed by George Washington when he came into office,” Noah continued. “So, this was a time when the hottest technology was wooden teeth, people.”

“Honestly, I see both sides of the story,” Noah admitted. “And that’s why we need to think hard and long about this. Because knee-jerk reactions to terrorist attacks often lead to trouble.”

“The security decisions we make right after terror attacks are like the food decisions we’d be making after drinking until 3 a.m. And that’s how you end up with scary things, like the Patriot Act and the waffle taco.”

Watch the full segment below:


Brendan Gauthier is a freelance writer. 

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