WATCH: Stewart Mocks Conservative Chorus on Ukraine—'What Would Reagan Do?'

Because Reagan's policies always worked out so great!

Photo Credit: screengrab via The Daily Show

Jon Stewart made merciless fun of the recent outpouring of conservative pundits calling for President Obama to be more Ronald Reagan-like when it comes to dealing with the unrest in Ukraine. "What would Reagan do?" has been the common hue and cry on Fox news and other news outlets. Especially rich was having Reagan lackey Oliver North commenting that Reagan, unlike Obama, did not draw "red lines," he simply acted. Yes, Stewart pointed out, that's Oliver North, the one illegally sold arms to Iran, and illegally funded the Nicaraguan contras. That's the one we should be listening to all right.

Stewart then gave several examples of how well Reagan's action-oriented policies yielded such fantastic results. Funding the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan to fight the Russians. Of course, it was the the extreme elements of the Mujahadeen that became the Taliban, but, we didn't have to fight them for another "12 years," said Stewart, long after Reagan had left office. And, of course, Reagan selling arms to Saddam Hussein, whom we did not have to fight for another "two years . . . and then another 12 years after that."

Yeupp, that's the kind of president dilly-dallying Obama should emulate, all right.

Theres more hilarity, of course. Watch:


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