WATCH: Stephen Colbert Can't Help Revealing His Secret Crush on Elizabeth Warren

"Me doth think she does clearly state she's not running for president too much."

Stephen Colbert hosted Elizabeth Warren on Monday, and gave her a hilarious lead-in where he had a hard time wiping a grin offf his face. This despite the fact that Massachusetts Senator Warren is exactly the kind of person Colbert should be hating. She fights for the little guy against unregulated Wall Street, and is anti-big banks. Why, she even thinks we should all be able to read our credit card agreements. That's crazy talk.

Colbert revealed his secret soft spot for the hard-nosed, common-sense talking Senator when he said, "Some wanted to destroy our banks like Massachusetts Senator and school librarian you secretly had a crush on, Elizabeth Warren."

There he said it.

Then he took her to task for saying things like, "Banking should not be a high-risk activity."

Colbert disagreed: "Opening a simple checking account should be a high-risk, adrenaline-fueled, balls-to-the-wall, extreme sport."

Running a montage of various talking heads talking about how much Wall Street hates Elizabeth Warren, Colbert quipped: "It just proves the old Wall Street adage, if you don't have anything nice to say, it's probably about Elizabeth Warren."

Funny, pointed stuff. Watch:


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