WATCH: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reveals Jon Stewart's Inner Geek in Amazing Daily Show Interview

Yeupp, the Daily Show host even has a favorite element.

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Rockstar astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson revealed how, not only has it become officially cool to be a science geek, but some of the coolest pop culture figures—Jon Stewart anyway—started out as geeks.

Stewart was a chemistry major and even had a favorite element: Carbon! Why? Because it combines easily with all the other elements. "It is," Stewart has quipped, "the slut of the periodic table."

Other important geeky questions for deGrasse Tyson? Who wins, Superman or Batman? It should probably come as no surprise that the famed astrophysicist has indeed thought about this, as well as why we're not going to be living on Mars any time soon, or really, ever.



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