WATCH: Jon Stewart's Definitive Takedown of Fox News—50 Lies in 6 Seconds

And plenty more where those came from.

As we all know, Fox lies. It is their brand. This is what makes Bill O'Reilly's current war with truth somewhat unsurprising. On his show last night, Jon Stewart decided to celebrate Fox's lying ways with a nifty little vine that races through 50 of those lies (it's a bottomless resource, really) in just 6 seconds. "Plenty more where that came from," Stewart said.

For the rest of the segment, Stewart makes an excellent case that truth is very far from the agenda on Fox and all of right-wing media. “They purport to want to fix things,” he said. “But conservatives are not looking to make education more rigorous and informative, or science more empirical or verifiable, or voting more representative, or the government more efficient or effective. They just want all those things to reinforce their partisan ideological conservative viewpoint. Because in their mind, the opposite of ‘bad’ isn’t ‘good.’ The opposite of ‘bad’ is ‘conservative.’ The opposite of ‘wrong’ isn’t ‘right’ — it’s ‘right-wing.’” 

Here's the vine of the lies now gone viral. Should you want to slow the progress of this trip down memory lane you can tap the screen. Or if you like here's the whole clip of the segment and show.