WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams France for Hypocritical Free Speech Arrests

"Let sh*tty people say sh*tty things."

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Jon Stewart's French accent is terrible. This has not deterred the late-night comedian from his latest series of pieces on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. In fact, he uses his terrible French to great comedic effect. 

On Wednesday night's show, Stewart took note of the fact that days after the massive, inspiring march in Paris celebrating the absolute and fundamental right to free expression, French authorities arrested a comedian for tweeting his support of the Hebdo shooters. 

"The French position on free speech is the same as their position on mistresses," Stewart cracked. "There can be no limits."

But it turns out there are limits.

The comedian's name is Dieudonné, and he is well-known for his anti-Semitic act. France outlawed verbal expressions of anti-Semitism after World War II.

"Shouldn't the marketplace decide?" Stewart said, suggesting that the audience for this comedian might be meager. "Let shitty people say shitty things."

Then he launches into another of his very funny black and white film spoofs on the subject of free expression, starring pencils with very bad French accents.



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