WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Blatant Republican Hypocrisy on Veterans

Featuring Stewart's uncanny McConnell imitation.

Photo Credit: screenshot via Comedy Central

While arguably, the Republicans might have their very first bona fide scandal regarding the Obama administration with the Veterans Administration mess, last night Jon Stewart pointed out the teeny weeny, slightly inconvenient fact that when it comes to taking care of veterans, Republicans in the Senate are giant hypocrites. Time and again, they have shot down bills which would bring real help and relief to those Americans who have fought and sacrificed in war. Just two examples include a bill that would have expanded healthcare and education for returning veterans that was shot down in the Senate, mostly due to lack of support from Republicans. And another in which Mitch McConnell tried to slip an "unrelated poison pill" of additional sanctions on Iran into a bill to help veterans, guaranteeing the bill's failure.

Stewart obviously loves featuring the Kentucky Senator in his pieces because then the late-night comedian gets to do his hilarious imitation of McConnell, which you just have to watch since it can't be recreated in mere words.

Then Stewart took aim at Karl Rove's interview on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly in which Rove, naturally, tried to deflect the accurate notion that the problem of getting veterans timely treatment and help is something that the Bush administration completely failed at as well. "So, the Bush administration transition team warned the Obama transition team not to unsolve the problem that Bush had not solved," Stewart summed up Rove's argument.

"Bill Beyonce-Hunter O'Reilly" was not buying Rove's story either, and for a brief moment, Jon Stewart felt a strange kind of affection for O'Reilly, saying he's "like Fox News' Incredible Hulk—usually just a mindless force of destruction, but pointed in the right direction, becomes a hero."

Well, we wouldn't go that far.




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