WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Media's Hillary Fixation, 'Is It Me Or Did It Just Get Crazy in Here?'

Sure, Lynne Cheney—Hillary Clinton planted the Monica Lewinsky story!

Photo Credit: screengrab via Comedy Central

Jon Stewart rightfully mocked the media for its fixation on what everything in the universe means for a Hillary Clinton run in 2016. "Hillary Clinton moves food through her esophagus through the process of peristalsis! Does it mean she is hungry for a run in 2016."

There have been a wide variety of absurd conjectures, including planting a baby in Chelsea's womb in order for Clinton to appear softer, fuzzier and more grandmotherly to voters. But, as Stewart points out, Lynn Cheney might have taken the cake with her statement that Vanity Fair would never go with that Monica Lewinsky piece without Hillary Clinton's say-so. "Sure, Hillary Clinton calls Vanity Fair and asks them to do a piece about the most painful episode in her life just so she can get a boost on beating Biden that she doesn't need."

Rick Perry, or as Stewart calls him "Wyatt Oops" comes in for some ridicule as well, especially when he mentions his concern about the "90 million Americans who are unemployed." He's only off by about 80 million, Stewart points out. Maybe Perry's "ensmartenment glasses" aren't working so well, after all.

Bush (W) comes in for some ridicule as well for not knowing what's on brother Jeb's mind, but apparently "tracking his movements."

Lots of funny stuff, watch the full episode (via Hulu):

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