WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks 'Creepy' Inmate Rick Perry—'Orange is the New Blecch'

And why does the right-wing media think an indictment will help Perry's presidential aspirations?

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Yearning for some good news in a week of horror, Jon Stewart landed happily on the fact that that handsome Texas governor, Rick Perry, might run for president. Yippee. But then the fact that the governor is under indictment for abuse of power and coersion of a public official rained on Stewarts short-lived parade.

But what a handsome mugshot he takes. Amirite?

When a reporter asked Governor Perry how he felt after getting his mugshot taken, Perry could only reply. "How do I look? Do I look allright?"

In response to which, Stewart said: "Perry is going to make a creepy inmate, as in 'Orange is the New Blecchhh.'"

Good one.

Stewart then turned his sights on the absurd media response which is speculating that the indictment is going to help Perry's presidential chances, by giving him "all kinds of free publicity," and a chance to rebrand.

"Ah yes, the priceless rebrand," Stewart quipped. "From forgetful doof to possible felon."

Ain't America great? Watch the segment:


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