WATCH: Jon Stewart to Idiotic CNN—How About Covering Some Actual News, Like Climate Change?

A modest proposal for CNN's 'hyperbolic, ridiculous, unnecessary stunt coverage.'

Jon Stewart had the crazy idea Thursday night that CNN, short for Cable NEWS Network, could actually devote some time to news that is important. The news-judgement impaired network has spent a month and a half covering so-called breaking stories about flotsam in the ocean that turns out not to have anything to do with the disappearance of Flight 370. Cnn gave all of two minutes and ten seconds to coverage of the U.N. recent devastating report on climate change. That's less than MSNBC's 22-minute coverage of the report, "mostly to discuss how it affected Hillary's chances to become president," the comedian cracked, and the 22 minutes Fox gave it to debunk it.

CNN would not even have to change much, the Daily Show host helpfully suggested. It could just shift its resources, like the "holodeck green screen room" and the underwater capsule where correspondent Martin Savage has spent the last month and a half over to the climate change stories. Savage could continue to say inane things like "there's not much visibility here," under the sea. CNN could lend the same breathless coverage it demonstrated in the Boston Bomber Manhunt story to climate change. Samantha Bee shows how.

"Over here, Jon," she gestures frantically. "I just saw a fat kid eating ice cream. Now, it may be because it's hot out. Or it could be just a fat kid."

See CNN? It's not so hard.

It's a hilarious segment, and painfully true. Watch:




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