WATCH: Jon Stewart Digs Into the Iraq Mess—What Mission Was Accomplished?

'Iraq is finally ready to greet us as liberators. Way to go, everybody."

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

"Remember that country we invaded a while ago?" Jon Stewart asked on his show Thursday.
Thus begins a segment laying out the depressing—some would say, entirely predictable—turn of events in a country George Bush decided we should invade, and "liberate," and where he later declared, buffooonishly, "Mission Accomplished."
Things are terrible in Iraq, which is being taken over by ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which is even more violent and anti-American than Al Qaeda, Stewart explains.
Really? Stewart says. So if Osama bin Laden and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are having an argument about America, bin Laden goes: "No, no, I hate them too. I'm just saying . . . no one does theme parks like the Americans do."
Stewart lays out the whole mess, and it's a very good primer on how just about everything America did in Iraq, all the lives lost and money spent, were arguably for naught. The militants have seized much of the American artillery left behind in their march towards Baghdad, and the America-trained Iraqi forces are stripping off their uniforms and running away.
Now the irony is that Iraq is actually asking for American help. 
“We did it,” Stewart whoops ruefully. (Yes, you can whoop ruefully.) “We finally got it so that Iraq will now greet us as liberators. Way to go, everybody.” 



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