WATCH: Jon Stewart Challenges John McCain—'Let's See Who Has Been More Wrong More Often'

Gee, who do you think has been more wrong? Jon or John?

Jon Stewart was terribly miffed on Tuesday night's show when he aired a clip of Howard Kurtz asking John McCain the absoutely burning question: "Is Jon Stewart fair to Republicans?" This question seems a bit trivial given all the serious news going on in the world last week in the Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, along the U.S. border and Iraq, but there you have it. Kurtz is nothing if not a serious news man.

When McCain replied that Jon Stewart does not matter, the late night comedian was stung. When McCain went on to say that Jon Stewart is often wrong, the late night comedian was like, "Oh, it is so on McCain."

Well, that's our interpretation of his words. What Stewart actually said is: "Let's have a good old-fashioned wrong-off, McCain—my record of absolute wrongness against yours. Wrongo a wrongo!"

Gee, who do you think has been wrong more often?

Watch the funny segment: