WATCH: Jon Stewart and Team Ridicule Media's Election Night Crystal-Ball Gazing

"But what does it mean for 2016?"

Jon Stewart and his crackerjack election coverage team mimicked the mainstream media for its absurd prognosticating immediately in the wake of Tuesday night's election results. The media, Stewart estimated, spent about 10 minutes covering what actually happened, and the rest of the evening talking about what Terry McCauliffe's election  as Governor of Virginia means for Hillary Clinton's presumed presidential run, and what it all means to Ted Cruz and his fellow Tea Partiers in 2014 and 2016.

A quick montage of talking heads like Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and more revealed that such "reporting" is one of their favorites things to do.

And why not? Because, as Stewart points out, they enjoy "making this bullshit up because there are absolutely no consequences for being wrong."