WATCH: John Oliver Rants About How America Celebrates Gay Pride at Home, Exports Anti-Gay Hatred Abroad

The HBO comedian nails our hypocrisy, again.

Photo Credit: via youtube/HBO

Sunday was Gay Pride Day, and John Oliver was ready to celebrate. He even wanted to bring out the band to celebrate America's growing trend towards legalizing same sex marriage ("Which state will be last? Mississippi.") All this progress on an important social issue is something Oliver's adopted country can rightly be proud of. 

There is just one teeny tiny problem with this "Strike up the band, Go U.S.A. celebration.)

Uganda has one of the harshest anti-gay laws in the world (81 countries have laws against homosexuality, fyi. That's Oliver; always instructing as he entertains—and rants.) And while the African country was already good at hating and persecuting homosexuality, it was the influence of American evangelicals, and insanely homophobic preacher Scott Lively who amped up the hatred, and the law, to new, murderous heights.

"Calling Uganda's anti-gay law 'harsh' is like calling Stalin a bit of a grump," Oliver says. "Or the Titanic a disappointing vacation."

Oliver hosts Ugandan gay activist Pepe Julian Onziema, who confirms the depressing fact that without American influence, things would not be as dangerous and awful for gay people in Uganda. And much much more.

The segment is both wildly entertaining, and informative, Watch: