WATCH: John Oliver Destroys GM and Its Horrifying List of 65 Banned Words

"Deathtrap, decapitating, Kervorkianesque."

Photo Credit: screengrab via youtube

GM's outrageous indifference to human life, and slap on the wrist for knowingly making defective cars were the subject of a pointed rant by HBO's John Oliver last night. One simultaneously hilarious and horrifying section dealt with a list of "banned words" which GM employees were prohibited from using in regards to the company's cars: "Defect, dangerous, crippling, hobbling," and that was just for starters.

"How did they come up with this list?" Oliver wondered. Was it some sort of "word association" game? "There are no bad ideas here, just bad cars," he imagined GM executives saying. Oliver then showed a list of GM's 65 banned words and read some of theem aloud. "Deathtrap, decapitating, Kervorkianesque, grenade-like, rolling sarcophagus... when demons have sex, those are their safe words," he exclaimed.

The outraged comedian then ran his own version of a GM commercial ending with a suggested tagline for the car manufacturer: "GM—why walk through the valley of the shadow of death when you can drive?"


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