WATCH: John Oliver Calls Budget Deal a Christmas Miracle

'This deal is Charlie Bucket inheriting an entire factory full of chocolate . . . and slaves.'

Jon Stewart and John Oliver agreed to disagree on the Daily Show last night about just how much of a miracle the Congressional Budget deal is. Jon Stewart thought it was modest. John Oliver thought it was on the order of "passing the Civil Rights Act and a 90 percent incumbency rate."

Stewart remained skeptical. Oliver then pointed out the distance the two sides had traveled to reach an agreement, playing a tape of where the two started out.

"Day 1: Hey, dipshit, we start things on time around here.'

"I'm sorry. Perhaps the gentleman from the great state of Wisconsin didn't realize I was home, f&#$%cking his mother."

He then played a tape from day 2 that Stewart was pretty sure was from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But suddenly, all was candy and lollipops. Or, as Oliver sang: "Come with me, And you'll see, A world of passing legislation.'

Yes, sugarcoated hilarity. Watch:


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