WATCH: Colbert Skewers Right-wing Pundits for Their Absurdly Wrong Predictions About Obamacare

"I had to cancel my 'Rockin' Enrollment Failure Eve!'"

Photo Credit: screengrab via The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert opened his April 1st show with a chilling announcement: "The worst possible thing has happened," he said somberly. "Millions of Americans are going to get health care."

Colbert and numerous Fox Newsians were clearly having difficulty processing the fact that Obamacare had exceeded its target of signing 7 million people up for insurance through its healthcare exchanges. Karl Rove for instance, had not seen it coming, and mathematically predicted its failure. "I don't see how Karl Rove and his partner Boardie could be wrong," Colbert said, referring to the white board that Rove held up with numbers based on . . . well, nothing. "They're the ones who called Ohio for Romney."

Also, devastating to Colbert was the fact that he had to cancel his "Rockin' Enrollment Failure Eve," with Ryan Seacrest. "At midnight we were going drop an uninsured person, and then not take him to the hospital because he was uninsured."

There's only one possible interpretation. It must be some kind of massive April Fool's joke. Either that, or the numbers are wrong, because what are numbers anyway? They are just abstract constructs. And also, they are Arab, and therefore terrorists!

Pretty funny. Watch: