WATCH: Colbert Reveals Trump Has Used His Own Ridiculous Teleprompter All Along

It's called a "yell-a-prompter" and you won't believe what it says.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Stephen Colbert riffed on Trump's use of a teleprompter Wednesday night, a move that shocked many since Trump often has difficulty stringing actual sentences together. 

“A teleprompter! This from a guy who’s gotten this far by shouting whatever comes into his head,” Colbert said. “Trump using a teleprompter is like the Flash using an Uber, or Aquaman taking the ferry or Bernie Sanders using a comb.”

That last one was gratuitous, but whatever.


Trump's version is a "yell-a-prompter," the late-night host quipped, and like the candidate, it says some pretty ridiculous things.


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