VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Highlights Utter Absurdity of Bill O'Reilly . . . on Just About Everything

"I agree with every word Bill is saying, even if the words don't agree with each other."

Poor Stephen Colbert. No wonder he has to move on to replace Dave Letterman on late night TV. He just can't find any love from Bill O'Reilly, with whom he has, as he says, "a mutual admiration society—I love Bill and so does he."

Last night, Colbert rhapsodized about O'Reilly's recent takedown of the "Grievance Industry," which is huge, said Colbert. "They're the ones that make complaint boxes, those Peeing Calvins and Yahoo comments."

But O'Reilly meant people who speak up about racism, sexism, Islamaphobia and injustice. And he also meant Colbert. Ooh, that burns. O'Reilly called Colbert "the darling of the left-wing Internet," a fact which Colbert both acknowledges and laments, especially since he was in all those hashtags, #cancelcolbert.

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Cut to clip of O'Reilly spewing nonsense about inequality, which he says should be against the law, but also says the government should have no hand in enforcing.

Colbert agrees with every word O'Reilly says, "even when the words don't agree with one another."

Now that's devotion.


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