VIDEO: Robert Reich's Message for a New Year—Change is Starting to Happen

'Even though Congress is paralyzed, America is not.'

Photo Credit: via youtube

Robert Reich released a new year's message encouraging progressive Americans not to despair. Yes, the 113th Congress was the biggest do-nothing Congress in the last 40 years—doing nothing about immigration, minimum wage, climate change, gun safety, the list goes on (and is set, tongue-in-cheek to the Queen song, "Nothing Really Matters.")

But, of course, it does matter, and Reich wants to rally the masses by pointing out that at least some tides are beginning to turn. Minimum wages are being raised (in California and Washington, D.C., notably), fast food workers are organizing and pressure is building on Walmart. The Affordable Care Act has already made health insurance available to hundreds of thousands of Americans previously uncovered. Talk about reducing social security has shifted from cutting it, to maybe even increasing it.

But Reich says it better (and sets it to music.) Watch:



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