VIDEO: Jon Stewart Flattens Fox News' So-called Medical A-Team

"Less like medical advice than Thanksgiving with your crazy Republican uncle."

Jon Stewart had a field day with Fox News' "Medical Team" last night. And he barely had to write any material. the so-called doctors on Fox News say the craziest things, you just can't make it up.  Dr. Marc Siegel, for example: "Too many people have health insurance," he said on the air. Cut to a stunned-looking Stewart who responded incredulously, "Congratulations, I've never heard that before. Too many people have health insurance! . . . and food and shelter! It just doesn't feel special anymore."

After showing a jaw-dropping sequence of clips, Stewart said: "Fox News' 'Medical A-Team' appear to be less expert doctors than shady expert witnesses paid by the defense to say the bullet hole exit wound is maybe a third nipple."

Perhaps, what Fox News needs is a psychiatrist. Oh, yeah, they have one, Stewart notes, promptly high-lighting a clip of Dr. Keith Ablow saying confirming that yes indeed, children may turn transgender just by watching Chaz Bono.

Lots more. Watch:


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