VIDEO: Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans For Whining About Shutdown They Prompted—Calls Them 'Bald-Eagle Fellators' and 'Zebra Queefs'

The comedian has a binder full of insults.

Jon Stewart had his work cut out for him this week in the days since the Government Shutdown went into full effect (starting at midnight on Tuesday October 1). With each passing day, the absurdity of the GOP-induced shutdown has managed to top itself, reaching a fever pitch last night. Noting that the Republicans were now whining about the very shutdown they caused, Stewart rarched up the name calling, saying that he had been "too easy" on the Republicans so far. Among the highlights in his faux "binder of insults": teenaged mutant ninja fart-knockers and babies who eat their own poop.

Two days into the shutdown, House Republicans are complaining about the shutdown. No not about how American's most vulnerable citizens are suffering:  Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho slammed the President for preventing families from visiting parks and monuments during vacations they'd been assumedly planning for months. Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan lambasted his inability to stream the Panda Cam. And Sen. Ted Cruz, who spent last week attempting to have #MakeDCListen trend in an effort to defund Obamacare, has now set his sights on tending #LetTheVetsIn, supporting WWII vets attempting to visit the various war memorials that have been closed in the days since the shutdown.

Stewart, who has made a career out of eye-rolling at an increasingly fractured and freakish party, is at the very least a silver lining to the whole miserable situation.



Rod Bastanmehr is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @rodb.

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