VIDEO: John Oliver's Hilarious and Terrifying Rant About America's Inept Nuclear Arms Policy

"That is some weapons grade bullsh*t!"

Photo Credit: via youtube

No one seems to give the threat of nuclear annihilation much thought anymore. HBO comedian and weapons-grade ranter John Oliver wondered why last night. When in fact, the possibility of the earth being bombed to smithereens—by accident!—has never been more real.

Oliver has carved out a niche in the late night news-based comedy world for two things: 1. ranting for 15 minutes or so, a privilege he enjoys thanks to his commercial free home. And 2. For pointing out things that we really ought to be thinking about more.

In last night's episode, the British-born funny man suggested Americans do worry more about the 4804 nuclear warheads we currently have stored in rather obsolete, insecure storage facilities in Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota, guarded by imbeciles. "We spend less time worrying about nuclear annihilation than we do about hitting 'Reply All' in an office e-mail," Oliver quipped.

He then chronicles the incredible recent history of jack-ass behavior on the part of those guarding these agents of total destruction. Cheating on tests, drunken episodes, gambling with fake poker, oops we left the door unlocked, dropping a warhead by accident in North Carolina—the near-misses and level of idiocy is staggering. Clearly, we do not have the wherewithal to guard this arsenal, and not enough is being done to reduce these weapons that even Gen. Colin Powell acknowledged are essentially "useless."

Watch the hilarious, and deeply worrisome, rant:

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