VIDEO: John Oliver Rants Brilliantly About Income Inequality and the Deluded 'American Dream'

We have widest wealth gap since the Roaring '20s. "Nothing ominous about that."

Photo Credit: via youtube

John Oliver loves American optimism. Even when it is blatantly wrong-headed.

Because, unfortunately, the HBO comedian pointed out in an epic rant on Sunday night, that optimism is woefully misplaced when it comes to the subject of severe income inequality. America's biggest losers in the income inequality game are not about to win the lottery. Ain't gonna happen. The game is rigged. 

Remember when Obama mentioned the words "income inequality" some 26 times in a speech about a year and a half ago? He said it was the "defining challenge" of our time. For about five minutes it was all anyone was talking about in the media. It was, "You better watch your ass income inequality, you're about to get violently ameliorated," Oliver quips.

Ha! Dropped completely from the discussion. Why? Because anyone who talks about it is accused of class warfare, Oliver points out. 

Oliver's excellent 14 minute soliloquy asks and answers the question of how so many Americans have willingly gone along with policies that so clearly favor the tiny 1 percent over the the vast majority of suckers. American optimism, Oliver says. It's sweet, but in this case, wrong.

It's time to get real. Watch Oliver's rant: