VIDEO: Despicable Parade Float Depicts Obama in Front of an Outhouse

Black mother and 9-year-old daughter are sickened and frightened by float and reaction.

Photo Credit: via youtube

Glory Kathurima and her daughter Malika headed out on a beautiful July 4th morning to watch the parade in their small town of Norfolk, Nebraska. They were enjoying the show, with some 70 floats passing by, until one which depicted a zombie-like President Obama standing in front of an outhouse labeled "Obama-Presidential Library" came into view.

Kathurima was sickened by the sight, whose meaning was abundantly clear to her. "It equating a black president with what you do in an outhouse," she says. Even more frightening was the mostly white town's reaction to the float. "The fear for me came from people from people laughing at it, pointing at it, giving it the stamp of approval," she told a local reporter.

Nine-year-old Malika was also upset, and wondered why people would enjoy something that is "so mean."

"We tried to navigate through the mostly white crowd after that," says Kathurima, describing a town which is disinclined to discuss any sort of racial issues or tension.

Mayor Susan Fuchtman, who is white, certainly bore that disinclination out. She said the town had nothing to do with the parade, (really, wasn't it on public streets?) which was put together by an organization called the Oddfellows Lodge. (We're sure that is a very integrated and enlightened organization.)

Defenders of the float called it "political satire" that is protected by the "First Amendment." But they went further. The float won honorable mention.

Watch the video of the news report here: 

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