VIDEO: Biker Gang Chases SUV and Terrorizes Family, Smashes Window, Beats Driver in Front of 2-Year-Old

More than a dozen motorcycle riders have been arrested following terrifying chase in NYC caught on video.

Anarchy in New York City broke out on Manhattan’s West Side Highway on the weekend after a family in an SVU was attacked by a group of bikers, NBC News reported.

The six-minute pursuit caught on video, which has since gone viral on youtube, began when the driver of a Range Rover called 911 to report chaotic bikers taking part in an illegal rally, intimidating drivers, and trying to take over the road. According to the NYPD, at one point one of the bikers stopped short in front of the SUV, driven by Alexian Lien, who was in the car with wife Rosalyn Ng and their 2-year-old. Lien bumped into the bike, and the bikers surrounded his car, and began to vandalize it, slashing his tires and smashing his mirror. Apparently Lien then panicked and sped off, running over some motorcycles and a biker in the process.

The video shows bikers then chasing the driver on the highway until they catch up to him in Harlem upon which one biker removes his helmet and is seen pounding the driver’s side window while another rider is shown attacking the passenger side window where the driver’s child was allegedly sitting.

While the footage ends at the point of the car attack, a spokesperson from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Public Information (DCPI) of the NYPD told Christian Post that the driver had his face slashed and suffered black eyes from a beating as a result of the incident.

The video has received mixed reactions from viewers – some say the driver got what he deserved for breaking the leg of one of the  bikers, while others condemn the actions of the notorious biker gang known for their daredevil tactics and rallies in New York City.

As the investigation continues, police have so far arrested 15 bikers and seized 55 bikes.

Watch the video:

Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.