Jon Stewart: Why Is Fox News Obsessed With Poor People Buying Fish with Food Stamps?

Gourmet crab legs! Organic salmon! Where does it end?

Photo Credit: screenshot via The Daily Show

After noting that the recently passed Farm Bill cut $8.6 billion in food stamps, Jon Stewart took aim at Fox News' strange obsession with poor people buying healthy food with their food stamps.

First he mocked the fact that Fox News simply passes along all sorts of wildly unsubstantiated stories about food stamp recipients buying iPads and taking trips to Vegas with their lavish food stamps. "Yes, you hear all these things," Stewart mocked, before pointing out that sometimes news organizations don't simply repeat rumors they might have heard on the "chain emails your grandma gets."

He then played a montage of Fox Newsians vociferously complaining about the stories they have heard about people receiving supplemental nutrition assistance actually buying nutritious food. One fixation: "People going to the East Village and buying organic salmon!" 

How horrific! Don't these poor people know that they are only entitled to eat salmon from a can? 

Something is definitely fishy about Fox's concern with what poor people eat.


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