Jon Stewart: Republican States Hate Obama More Than They Hate Poverty

Daily Show host slams red states for ‘total dickish-ness’ in turning down federally subsidized Medicaid expansion

Jonn Stewart excoriated health-challenged Republican states like Texas and Mississippi on Thursday night’s Daily Show for refusing to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act. 

The Daily Show host explained how despite the fact that Obamacare’s launch has been marked by glitches and web delays, it was still a well-intentioned attempt to get people health insurance in this country.

The federal government had offered to provide state governments with funding to expand the Medicaid problem for three years at no expense, however 26 states declined to go ahead to that extent.

Stewart remarked mockingly, “It must be a pretty eclectic group with many different reasons to explain why they would turn down federal money to bring health care to their working poor…or maybe there was just one reason…”

He then revealed that in fact all of the states that had refused funding have Republican governors or legislatures that are controlled by Republicans.

“It makes it really hard not to see this as the latest example of that hit game show sweeping part of the nation – ‘What do you hate more, poverty or Obama – brought to you by spite. ‘Spite…the emotion that makes you turn down millions of dollars that would go toward health care for the working poor because you hate the president,’" he said.

Watch the video:

Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.


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