Jon Stewart: 'Governor Chris Christie Has a Pig Problem,' Literally

Watch comedian expose Christie's naked presidential posturing when it comes to pig farming.

Recently, the utter cruelty of large-scale pig farming has been exposed. Pigs are kept in what are called "gestational crates," for a staggeringly huge portion—80 percent—of their lives. These are crates that are so tiny pigs can neither turn around nor lie down when confined to them, driving the animals, quite literally, insane. The New Jersey legislature recently passed legislation banning the crates, and 93 percent of New Jerseyans favor the ban on what amounts to animal torture No brainer for Governor Chris Christie to sign the popular law, right?


Jon Stewart exposed the lie that is Chris Christie's supposed dedication to the people of New Jersey last night in a segment about the portlly governor's "pig problem." The truth of the matter is that Christie does not care a lot about pigs or New Jerseyans, who only have about 9,000 pigs anyway. You know who has a lot of pigs? Iowa, that's who. About 20 million of them. And a lot of pig farmers, too. Coincidentally, Iowa is also the place where the presidential race kicks off every four years.

So, the pigs are screwed, and, as Stewart points out in the funny/sad segment, it turns out "Chris Christie won't confine his presidential ambitions to a crate."

Ugghh! Watch:


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