Jon Stewart Flattens Fox for Drummed Up Bergdahl Beard Controversy

"The 'id' is like the Fox News of your brain."

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Jon Stewarted targeted more right-wing media absurdity last night—namely the hysterical reaction to Bowe Bergdahl's father's beard. "There must be some other reason that  they think Robert Bergdahl looks like a Muslim," Stewart said.

Cut to Bill O'Reilly saying, "The reason I said that Robert Bergdahl looks like a Muslim is that he looks like a Muslim."

It was absolutely impenetrable, circular logic that Stewart found himself helpless to attack.

The comedian helpfully pointed out that beards in and of themselves do not automatically confer the Islamic faith on the wearer. "I got sort of an Amish vibe," Stewart said. Abraham Lincoln had a beard, for instance. "There's a reason we call it the Abraham Lincoln memorial, and not the Holy Shrine of the Blessed Imam Ibrahim Lincoln," Stewart quipped.

The idiotic right-wing media commentary and baseless speculation extended well beyond the beard, of course. At one point Fox & Friends Steve Doocy made fun of the fact that Robert Bergdahl is said to have advised his son to "obey his conscience." The Fox Newsian said that sounds like "just do you whatever you want to do."

Yes, Stewart said, "That is what it sounds like to some people. Specifically people who do not know what a conscience is." Then he digressed to explain the concept of the id versus the conscience and concluded that "the Id is the Fox News of your brain."

So true, so true. Watch:


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